Back in the academic groove

Not winter yet but just in case

Like the rest of you, I’m starting this Fall semester with a barrage of priority-level to-dos. From today till end of this year, you’re going to witness me performing a series of academic miracles, including writing two publish-able papers (one theoretical & one quantitative) as well as my dissertation proposal, so that I can be in line for my application to candidacy by next year. This is essential since my funding will run out this year and for the next year, I hope to be just paying for 1 credit “dissertation guidance” courses just to finish my big one. As Prof. Halavais said: Think of writing dissertations as a book you’ve always wanted to write.

Fortunately, I have written quite a few papers already which I intend to update for one of my theoretical paper, so I just have to prepare a brand new quantitative paper by the end of this semester. For the quantitative paper, one of the ten ideas I’m working on revolves around investigate how opinion leadership works and where memes generally cluster in a specified realm of the blogosphere, for example opinion leadership and meme clustering as seen on Singaporean blogs. It’s still very up in the air and while it’s generally not a good idea to publish brainstorms (since they are not to be taken as absolute), I’m hoping to see if this can be a sounding board for anyone doing research on the culture of blogs.

Do share what you’re working on so we can share our research. In the mean time, here’s my reading list for blogging research (thanks Alex!)

As the last real bunch of classes I’ll officially be taking in my university before I begin my dissertation writing journey, I’m probably settling on an advanced statistical methods class in the school of psychology (on experimental stats), a usability class in the industrial design discipline and finally, my required Pro-seminar class in School of Communication (should have taken it at the start of course, but I thought I could skip it… can’t blame me for trying!).

While things are starting to heat up for me, the weather is going south as the temperature has begun to drop. Summer is almost over and soon everyone will be covered in layers of clothing, masking their identities and turning winter into a cold and faceless world once again. Gosh, what great way to start!

3 thoughts on “Back in the academic groove

  1. Take down that damn pic. Are you trying to jinx us? Simply say the word snow and it gets cold!!! GEEZ!!!!!!!!

    On another topic, I’m really interested in blogging agendas (though I’m not sure that’s the word I want) and different women bloggers. I’ve seen some extremes but I haven’t had time to explore middle ground bloggers who aren’t all personal or all political–as both are TIRING to read. I’ve noticed one blog that over the year has gotten more and more traffic and she’s a bit too radical for me, but she gets people all riled up by her posts. So what are the results of that? Does anyone take action after reading a post? Or do they all conform to mob culture in their thinking but actually do nothing? Hard to fully tell. I’d also like to know more about how blogs affect the job search–not just academics.

    I also have to problem of cross cultural blogs and how does that factor in? I read a few blogs that are def. out of country and is it say to lump everyone together?

    That’s all, gotta go, cat fell off the chair while he was sleeping.

  2. You’re not the first to complain… no one wants to be reminded of the cold, but I’m a pessimist optimist… someone who thinks the worst so everything in actuality is better.

    I’ve really gotta tie down what intend to write about… blogs are nothing, it’s what people do with it that matters. I’ve gotta find out what is the matter I wish to investigate. Kinda working reverse order, but deadline’s approaching.

    Silly cat.

  3. The cold that silly cat was mentioning is nothing compared to the cold treatment I get from my program adviser every time I go to her office. I leave meetings more confused than when I went in. One thing more, I leave meetings unsure about what I am to do next. Right now I am experiencing what qualitative research calls as a ‘critical moment’.

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