How to satisfy Singapore food cravings abroad


If you live far far away from Singapore like me, it would be a good idea to be prepared for one of the most important things you’ll definitely miss about home… Singapore food! Here’s how I’ve managed to survive so far (ranked by significance):

1. Get a girlfriend or boyfriend who cooks!
Ideally, someone who would be able to compete against any of the Food Network’s Iron Chef.

2. Get to know friends who love cooking!
Last weekend, Nelson made Chee Kway and Chai Tau Kuey, Penny made Lor Mee, Sam made his fried vegetables while Jiayi made authentic coffee shop “Kopi”. Damn Power!

3. Get to know a Singaporean restaurant!
There are definitely Chinese eateries anywhere you go, but real Singaporean restaurants are a gem! Nelson found “Lion City Restaurant” which is in Ontario, Canada (near Toronto). He brought Jiawen as well as Jiayi there, who later reviewed it on her blog. For those who happen to live around Buffalo or Toronto, you can find this restaurant at Lion City Restaurant Inc, 1177 Central Pkwy W, Mississauga, Canada.

For those who are curious, I’ve scanned Lion City Restaurant’s extensive menu for all to see: LionCityRestaurant.pdf (700kb).

8 thoughts on “How to satisfy Singapore food cravings abroad

  1. So why not start a Lion City restaurant in Buffalo?

    Isn’t it scary that another plane crashed just happened in Peru? So now we had 3 plane crashes within a month. Any connections with the song “Plane” by Jason Mraz? What would you say if you know your plane was going down?

  2. ack. my boyfriend can’t cook much. neither can I. it’s a good thing I can make ice cream waffles with the help of frozen waffles ^^

  3. BaitX: I know exams suck dude, so it’s a good reason to make anagrams from my blog title: THE ORGY ISN’T HERE AS ON. (Reminds me of fridge magnets) ­čśŤ

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