BlogBeat: The Better Blog Analytics Tool?

For bloggers interested in keep tabs who reads their blogs and finding those posts which are especially popular, Steve Rubel alerts us to blogbeat, a great alternative to the ad-supported SiteMeters most of us currently use. The service, which focuses specifically on blogs, offers a simple way to get your hands on data such as your most popular posts, links/refers, RSS clicks and more. It’s free and ad-free. Sitemeter’s what I use too and they want you to pay for deeper analysis (bummer!), so I’ll be trying out BlogBeat for sure. Is it really better? We’ll see…

UPDATE: Blogbeats seems to have limited the number of new users to its service. It’s currently counting down from 190 registrations and it’s fast dropping. Strange that they put this countdown only on the registrations page when they should put it on the front page. They would have gotten more people registered rather than then giving them the illusion that they could hold it off for later. Bad bad marketing.

6 thoughts on “BlogBeat: The Better Blog Analytics Tool?

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