Music Piracy still making Singapore headlines?

Three nabbed for music piracy

Believe it or not, music piracy is really old school… While we know that the Singapore government’s trying hard to send home the message that music piracy is bad (not to mention illegal), it’s disheartening to know that such news makes the front page of the nation’s most significant newspaper, The Straits Times. Either Singapore media had a slow news day, or such crimes aren’t that common back home. I doubt such messages really have an effect on people since it’s really a case of uses and gratification. People download music, movies, what-not, despite it being illegal because to them it’s worth the trouble. Warning letters from RIAA should stop them in their tracks, but if they’re silly enough to carry on their activities, it’s really their own downfall. Here’s the same article published in a New Zealand publication, while Wired did their take on it today. In other news, McDonald’s seems to have an awesome assortment of chicken nuggets and wacky sauces… one of the reasons I miss home (those asian flavors are so yummy!)

BTW: It’s worth noting that iCheerful sent me the newsprint in pure “McGuyver” style. Since Straits Times Interactive now charges for access to news (bummer!), he sent it to me using his digital camera and an improvised photographic rig.

3 thoughts on “Music Piracy still making Singapore headlines?

  1. It probably seems like a huge breakthrough to Singapore to have been able to enforce the new law on such a ‘big’ scale, ie three offenders.

    I agree that it’s a person’s own problem if he doesn’t stop even after getting warning letters.

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