Fourteen ways to die in Shanghai

iCheerful sent me this useful tourist map of Shanghai… useful if you’re interested in committing suicide. For friends over there, it labels 14 choice spots to go kill yourself. Talk about modern day conveniences!

Adapted from a location map for the 2002 4As Creative Awards Roadshow, this image began circulating online last year but has only recently caught the attention of the traditional media. The English translation below follows the map markers roughly from top to bottom:

  1. Huichunji pharmacy sells sleeping pills.
  2. Suzhou Creek is uncovered.
  3. The #57 bus goes directly to the zoo. You can jump into a tiger’s mouth and die.
  4. The Kerry Center is 32 stories tall. Jumping off is 100% successful.
  5. A manhole cover has been stolen — jump into the sewer and drown.
  6. Cars under the Yan’an Road viaduct drive very fast. Accidents happen often.
  7. Changshu Road subway station — lie on the tracks.
  8. Fuxing Park — hanging yourself is simple among the tall, close trees.
  9. Barber stand at 1324 alley — steal a razor and cut your throat.
  10. High-voltage power lines — with 20,000 volts, electrocution is convenient.
  11. Wang’s Tofu Stand — crush yourself with a piece of tofu.
  12. Dafa Gardens construction site — there’s always something falling.
  13. Filling station — death by self-immolation.
  14. Free and Easy Sauna — death by suffocation.

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If you asked me, this subversive art piece is a cross between the harsh modern city reality of Shanghai and geo-tagging craze carried over to popular suicide spots. What a grand affordance of mapping technology! ­čśŤ