The Great Bookshelf Spring Cleaning Giveaway

Spring Cleaning
Spring CleaningSpring CleaningSpring CleaningSpring CleaningSpring Cleaning

With yesterday’s spring cleaning, Penny and I agreed that the apartment feels fresher now. Finally all my books and magazines are sorted properly on my IKEA bookself with excess stuff either thrown or given away. Up for grabs are entire collections of my outdated magazines neatly displayed by the Triad Apartment’s lobby. Hopefully someone enjoys my precious yet fun set of reading material!

13 thoughts on “The Great Bookshelf Spring Cleaning Giveaway

  1. Did you know that apparently in Indian tradition, you’re not suppose leave books on the floor… it’s disrespecting the book god. Can anyone verify this?

  2. “…you’re not suppose leave books on the floor… it’s disrespecting the book god. Can anyone verify this?”

    I’ve heard that we should not read books in the washroom, but I’ve not heard the above…I’ve also heard from a friend that we should not re-sell them (but er…who cares, right?) :), and most of all, we are not supposed to photocopy them… 🙂

  3. I just had a meal with a vegetarian friend the other day at this restaurant called Sushi Blues. Cool funky place that serves sushi and other pseudo-Jap food. Inside, the blues was on the sound system, and the interior deco was like a psychedelic yet rustic. It’s almost like time warp. Anyway, we talked about food and almost always the reason for being a vegetarian is one I cannot resist not asking.
    She does not eat animals because she equal that to being cruel and similar to eating a human. At that moment I didn’t have the heart (or the energy) to tell her that she sounds almost hypocritical. Plants do feel pain and releases hormonal chemicals similar to endorphins (natural painkillers) when they are yanked out of the ground, peeled, cooked, or eaten. It is more cruel because, unlike animals, they cannot retaliate, cry for help, run away, or pretend to act cute to save their skin.
    So isn’t “preying” on a more helpless species more cruel?

  4. Hey “Rose Alone”, it’s amazing how much of everything we do in life is based on psychology. Just because plants don’t have faces on them doesn’t mean they don’t feel anything when we harvest them. I went to a seminar once called “The semiotics of food”. It was amazing what food can do to people even when there’s no chemical basis for those reactions… e.g. oysters turn couples on for sex. Oh well, my three cents on top of your two.

  5. Wandie: Good call… I’ll be sure to look that up too… Roald Dahl seems to have a way with critiquing people, by explaining our daily behavior in child-like context.

    Rose Alone: I can’t find the full-text online (must only be in print). Here’s a spoiler for “The Sound Machine” I googled in 5mins.

  6. Thanks Wandie, it’s interesting to see how people can quantify abstract constructs like pain, screams… I’ll see what I can do to get her reading that book.

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