Newsflash: Mac OS X now running wild on PCs!

For those of us who own already Macs, good for us! For those of us still bearing affections for your PC, you’ve got something new to try which might just cause you to switch. As more friends started to hit me up with web sites and videos of hackers successfully running the Mac operating system on almost any PC, I started to take these matters more seriously. Here are the three counts which convinced me that this is probably for real:

  1. The two videos on HardMac (an independent french mac news source). The first one is a video showing MacOSX x86 booting natively on a Pc notebook Mitac 8050D (Pentium-M 735/1.6GHz). Pretty legitimate videos I believe.
  2. OSx86Project reports that a torrent containing the VMware image of Tiger x86 has been leaked onto popular torrent sites. I’ve also seen the Tiger x86 developer DVD image and SSE3 patcher on torrents as well. While these torrents do exist, some people reported little success installing them. It’s only a matter of time before they figure it out.
  3. OSx86Project also reported that many individuals have been successful in (quite illegally) circumventing the TPM and SSE3 requirements (DMCA screams heads off!) of OS X. A user has since posted a very simple How-To Guide in their wiki with instructions for installing OS X in the latest version of VMware, a virtual computing software tool.

Do let me know if you discover anything interesting on your side…

UPDATE 1: I’ve just been MacSlashed

UPDATE 2: Looks like some people have recently managed to get Mac x86 to run on AMD64… now that’s impressive!

UPDATE 3: More sites with success stories on Mac x86 running on a wider range of Intel PCs, including a sexy Sony Vaio TR2A… check out the photos and videos there. For a 900Mhz notebook, Tiger look incredibly FAST!!

UPDATE 4: Dual-Booting Mac x86 & Windows now possible.

UPDATE 5: There’s now a Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) for you to see how Mac x86 might possible handle on your machine.

UPDATE 6: You can now run PowerPC apps to run in Rosetta on SSE2 processors! Here are new patches for mach_kernel and CoreGrapics. (Thanks Peter!)

28 thoughts on “Newsflash: Mac OS X now running wild on PCs!

  1. This is illegal!
    I will report this and any similar stuff back to Apple.

    An ADC member.

  2. Sounds good to me. But i don’t want to see any OS X installs running on Thinkpads, i bought a Powerbook for OS X, so i hope apple figures out a way to make sure this doesn’t get out of hand. It’s kind of like me buying lexus logos and putting on my pinto.

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  4. Rickard Söderström you idiot Apple already knows all about this, you think they are as dumb as you are? Plus this will incrase thier popularity, i hope they release a retail version of os X, so that it would lay there by XP, i would of course purchase the Apple os X which would be a real alternative to the messed XP.

    Fianlly we can have a coice in operating system without having to go to linux or somethin like that

  5. Illegal ????

    how can be illegal when you can’t take profit of it. illegal is to bypass legal agreement with Apple if you were the one paying a rental for the original development box.

    Is not illegal to hack the soft to run on alternative machines unless you then sell that image or take any kind of profit from it.

    Executing this first non official release on a beige box is for eye candy, for knowledge feeding and (as Apple expects) to spread the word about the salvation of thousand million users tired of spyware, flawware, BSODware, copyware, noimaginationware and neverPATCHanyTIMEsoonware OSes (basically any form of windows).

    Bet most of those claiming illegality are really defending MS not Apple, as this is the begining of the end of MacOScloners (bad cloners indeed).

    anyway Apple is going to sell hardware until 2008 or 2010, then they’ll will break the company or break MS (hope the latter). So this is the perfect plan for them.

  6. Apple or Microsoft,

    only ONE will remain,

    and people likes changes…

    and people likes easier experience and spend their time chatting and enjoying, not fixing computers or calling friends to fix them…

  7. William Blake is on the money. Linux is the one to be afraid, as well as MS.

    However, my guess is OSX will run only on EFI, not Phoenix, leaving Vista to struggle with backwards compatability.

    OSX hacked and running on Phoenix machines is a great underground viral marketing toy. Once people get a taste, methinks they will be queueing up to buy their beautiful EFI-based AppleMacs.

    p,s, Wills – love the poetry.

  8. Well, I really like the idea of linux and OpenSource (in any form, not only software, but also DIY beer recipes and any kinf of knowledge sharing).

    but, come on, be realistic, a vast majority of us can’t rely our business infraestructure in the wellfare, good skills and free time of thousands or millions of openSource developers. Business is that, business, so I don’t care to pay for a tool that works (OS X in this case), I’m scared to pay for a tool taht doesn’t work (MS my friends) or even worse, simply not pay for a system that doesn’t upgrade or update in a systematic basis and that has no one taking responsabilities for it (as MS does, BTW).

    finally after 21 years of a the big revolution that put GUIs at the hands of the masses we are reaching THE GATES OF URIZEN.



  9. I agree with the EFI concept brought by Baron Munchausen.

    is not all about OSes, but concepts and innovation, and sometimes innovate means stick with what works nicely and reject our chains of misery.

    Get The O.S., reject D.O.S.

    this is y own openSource slogan I encourage you to share and spread when the Judgement Day arrives.

    I might be obsessed with this subject, but I really don’t foresee a clear future for the Vista marketing operation (as it seems that finally it’s based on windows server 2003, not a real “fromscratch” OS).

    Most critical operation windows based PCs work under windows 2000, MS never successed with their “XP in every PC” will, we’re tired of investing money in no real innovation.

  10. hi guys, it seems like there is a lot of argument…and everyone has their right and wrong. Ultimately, it comes to one’s choice. What I see coming is, we, as a computer user, will benefit everything at the end. I am both a Mac lover and a PC user. There was a time, when I was deciding to spent my money on whether to buy a Mac or a PC, finally, my bank account make final decision. I believe many has the same experience. Personal Computer has come a long way, Operating System has evolve along the way. And frankly, whoever, (whether it is Microsoft or Apple) design the best and most stable computer will win. But today, the very big issue we need to tackle is Piracy. I personally feel that Steve Job and Bill Gate should one day seat down together, and work together to fight this problem. Well…..unless they have plan otherwise to use Piracy as another way to ‘win’ users.

  11. jason,

    I honestly think piracy has always been the cheapest and best marketing tool for software developers.

    If a hundred can pirate your software maybe 10 will buy it.

    if none can pirate it is because you build propietary software for your company (often State Agencies).

    that’s way companies like Adobe spend no moeny in protecting software and at the same timeare cofounders of the BSA.

    software companies make money from legal users and from lawsuits against medium and big companies who do piracy.

    software companies make marketing throw easy to pirate software packages.

    well, at least is my point of view.

  12. Apple’s engineering staff, if not the management, are smart enough to realize: the best they can do is briefly hamper any conversion to general PC hardware. I’ll venture a guess that the first OSX-Intel release will have little more than token “protection” (so they can say “you know we don’t support those hacks” with a higher price tag than today’s Tiger: guessing again, $159.

    Under that scenario, if they sell 10 times as many OSX-Intel licenses as they do Macs today, the sales numbers should be similar & margins even higher than today’s.

  13. We are seeing an optimized OS running on the Intel platform for the first time. My complaint with winders has always, aside from security and stability, been hardware utillization. The Macs just seem to use the alloted hardware better than winders boxes especially ram. I’ll agree the G4 is highly unimpressive compared to recent Pentium M chips running OS X. But you still have to give the G5 it’s deserved credit.

    BTW, OS X’s dual CPU usage is unrivalled as well.

  14. In the end it is all Hardware and Software. Give me the best software on the fastest box out there and I’m happy. I have been a Mac user since ’82 but I have 12 windows machines in an internet cafe and I’d give almost anything to get rid of these virus’s and adware, spyware, un-aware,etc…

  15. If Apple would just allow a software program to emulate OS X as Windows has allowed it…there would be much less piracy and Apple would be gaining profit from the sales…

  16. I think Apple should just sell there operating system for regular computers. Still come out with there own hardware, seeing how it should be cheaper. Sooooo many people would buy a copy of mac os x for there custom built box, like me. That would get rid of most the temptation to hack there system.

  17. Well, OSX is just a ripped linux distribution, which is open source, however apple rehashed it and put a rediculous price tag on it so it could run on an overpriced piece of moulded white plastic. How innovative. People complain about microsoft being a monopolistic entity which is true in some respects, but what does it tell you about apple when their operating system will “only run on thier hardware”? its a bad case of design over substance,

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