Cheap Loh! = Singapore’s Mighty Goods


Being the first person to email me via my newly installed Contact page, I’m giving Mr. Cheapo the distinct privilege of being plugged for his new Singapore-based shopping blog called “Cheap Loh!“. While he might have taken cues from the beautiful Mighty Goods shopping blog, every item reviewed here is under the requirement of being available in Singapore for under $2. Quite a feat given that Singapore has gotten to be an expensive place to live in.

At first, I did think that this email was spam, but gave it second thought after I felt was a decent attempt at marketing his blog… do check your inbox for his email:

Mr Cheapo wrote:
I’m a regular reader of your blog at and I’ll like to exchange links with you. I’m one of the contributors of and we are currently the only Blog on cheap shopping in Singapore. We scour for novelties and food that we really like that are under S$2 and list them on the blog which is updated daily. We DO NOT SELL ANY ITEMS on our site and this is solely a review site.

Your link would be placed on the lower right hand corner of our blog . I sincerely hope you will agree to this request.