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No, this is not a rock concert. Let me explain… they say all’s fair in love and war, and that’s exactly what been happening in our peaceful little Singapore blogosphere.

My latest RSS newsreading muse focuses largely with “Mr Wang says so!” as he tells all there is in Singapore’s current affairs. He doesn’t just tell them the way that it is, he blogs so in his twisted-demure-sacartic ways.

In his latest post (which really needs more exposure, thus this), the talented Mr Wang goes off the beaten path to dig up and dust off the hidden troves of blog conversations between a certain ego-slamming editor at and other Singaporean bloggers (See Singabloodypore, Sing-a-pore and La Idler). Something nasty brews behind the scenes of the local superblog, and the smelly juices are quickly spreading across the rest of the Singapore blogosphere. While what you are about to read is both childish and serious (love hearing people bitch?), Mr Wang skillfully maneuvers through the various dialogue (neatly linked for your benefit) with an assortment of helpful visuals (as stolen and remixed above).

Mind you, given that the “owner” of is infamously involved in the dirty dialogues, Mr Wang’s piece is unlikely to be published on for obvious reasons. If anyone asks where you heard this from, don’t tell them it’s me… tell them Mr Wang is the almighty.

Mr Wang, if you’re reading this… I’m not worthy!
*** Read Mr. Wang’s awesome satire here ***

UPDATE: Because some of you (Yes You Ian!) complained that it wasn’t clear what’s going on, you can get a more thorough summary of events by reading takchek’s article entitled ????. It’s in English and it explains a lot about the people involved.

UPDATE 2: Perhaps this article was a little too strong for the editors at (See CowboyCaleb’s Pre-National Day Dinner post). They thought I was dissenting their blog. Let me make this clear… NO, I’m not against; I was simply re-broadcasting from the other (darker) side of the local blogosphere. I know it wouldn’t be easy to democratically handle the publishing of current affairs in the Singapore blogosphere. There is always an editorial process that has to be selected which has it’s own share of pros and cons. I’ll personally endeavor to provide a balanced point of view for (which on the whole, I feel is a good thing). Critics, you’ve gotta love us!

UPDATE 3: Oh man… in his hat-trick post entitled”Mr Wang Argues with Steven McDermott“, wise old Mr Wang fictitiously argues about “name-calling” accusations made by editors where its claimed that the three of us conspired to hurt their precious blog. Dear Readers: Please help us tell CowboyCaleb that we’re only blogging about what’s already out there. We’re innocent I tell you… innocent! šŸ˜€

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