Getting 10,000 unique hits = Priceless


With my average blog readership lingering around 300 unique visits per day (not counting RSS readers I believe), it’s heartwarming to finally be recognized as being somewhat useful to the internet community. While this is probably going to be more like a moment’s slice of heaven rather than an entire lifetime of glorious cake, this event has helped given me a renewed sense of excitement to blogging. Every blogger needs these kind of moments… While it helps to be honestly passionate about what you blog about, it doesn’t hurt to know a few things that help get the word out:

  1. Sharpened Presentation: From the visuals to the copy you write, everything has to be sharp and purposeful. Give people what they want, no more no less. This extends to the title of your post, which many RSS readers only have that to go by before deciding to click and descend on your story itself.
  2. The Right Channels: Know the field you’re in. Being an “expert” alone isn’t enough, you need to get the word out using the right channels. In my case, instead of promoting the Mighty Mouse review on Slashdot, I used Digg. I feel that Digg is a cross between the “heavy content” Slashdot and “quick titbit” so my review belonged right there. Beware of plugging youself too much… be nice and explain why this might be useful to everyone. Also, email bloggers whom you know would be interested in what you’ve got… in my case I sent it to the Mac-centric Powerpage and a few other well-known blogs. Soon Engadget and other bigger boys picked my story up. Finally, don’t forget the power of technorati tags!
  3. Following-up: Responding to comments and questions about your article helps to sustain interest on your blog. With a little luck, you might attract new lifelong readers now that they know about you and your blog. Through such responses, readers would find that they’re not just reading a faceless web page, but actually the thoughts of a real person or even a potential friend.

These are just my two-cents… I’m no blog-celebrity, but I just thought I’d share what I did to temporarily reach the 10,000 mile high club. I say temporary because it’s not likely that I can maintain that level of energy on my blog on a daily basis. I’m only human.

3 thoughts on “Getting 10,000 unique hits = Priceless

  1. Hey must add that you were very fast to provide a review for a product that many established sites were still wondering about, either from shock, lack of budget or simply out of stock. Wasn’t yours the last fourth piece ro something?

    And you unleashed a video review to boot.

    For a product that had the Apple masses salivating over.

    That they really surprised us with.

    You provvided a review scoop! Was proud to see you top the TUAW list, a site I enjoy reading. Good show mate!

  2. Awesome dude… I totally forgot that in our brave new world, first to market wins. I didn’t think everyone would go nuts over a silly little mouse (ok, it’s a not ordinary mouse, it’s an Apple!). Working on Internet time with lots of luck ­čśŤ

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