When simple was too simple…


For all of eternity, Apple has always been synonymous with the iconic one-button mouse as a symbol of it’s simplicity. Today marks a new era for us Mac nerds for Apple has broken the overtly-simplistic single button tradition and gone for “buttons and balls” with their slick new Mighty Mouse (retails $49 / education price $44).

Sorry, but I’ve been waiting this long for a decent mouse and this looks like the bomb… I’m not even waiting for the Bluetooth version (which I bet Apple’s also producing). Going to the Apple Store during lunch… Later!

Mighty Mouse features:
– 360º Scroll Ball and Button
– Touch-Sensitive 2-Button Top Shell
– Force-Sensing Side Buttons
– Programmable with Tiger
– Optical Tracking

UPDATE: According to The Unofficial Apple Weblog, the Mighty Mouse has a built in speaker that gives you audible feedback when you click and scroll (no word on whether you can turn this off).

UPDATE 2: Video review of Mighty Mouse now out!