Video Review: Apple’s Mighty Mouse

Apple Mighty Mouse Video Review

As promised, here’s the video review of the Mighty Mouse fresh from the Apple Store (Buffalo, NY). There were only four units remaining after I left the store, so I guess it must be selling well. In this review, I show you what comes in the retail box, breeze through the Mighty Mouse System Preference, and focus on the mouse’s multi-buttons and little grey rubber ball. Finally, while it’s features are now common-knowledge, I go through what I believe are hardware design quirks.

Download the video review:
Large Quicktime (17mb)
Small Quicktime (5.4mb)

Questions & Answers:
Q: Jason of “Can the scroll ball be removed for cleaning?”
A: Frankly speaking, I don’t think it’s user serviceable in that respect. You’ll probably have to somehow break it open to get to it. It’s a small grey rubber ball which might get dirty over time.

Q: Ken of UB’s Informatics Lab asks: “Can you up the sensitivity on the scrolling?”
A: Yes, right from the Mouse System Preferences.

Q: Ken then asks: “Can you do application specific settings?”
A: It doesn’t currently have mouse profiles which changes with each application, but I believe this is something that can be better achieved using USB Overdrive.

This review is now featured on Engadget, The Unofficial Apple Weblog, and The Macintosh Television Videocast. Also digg-ed by more than 330 users! Read the comments there!

43 thoughts on “Video Review: Apple’s Mighty Mouse

  1. Leave it to Apple to invent something that’s been around for decades. Though I suppose it’s got something that most other mice don’t have…. that slick sexy Apple design. and the slicker sexier Apple price tag.

    oh and the little top mounted anal bead is a nice touch as well. It looks positively thrilling to rub.


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  3. Glad you guys enjoy the video as much as I enjoyed doing it. Yes, I’ll try to have a hot chick hold the product next time 😛

  4. The issue you brought up about the scroll ball dipping beneath the shell when slightly(?) more that average pressure is applied, is quite concerning. That’s a real flaw. People don’t really focus, and just slap their mice during the daily work flow. It’s going to take some time to readjust to the way this mouse seems to work. And hardcore users won’t even give this a second look… that said I’m getting one. 😀

  5. Hey,

    i would be interested in the measeaure and the weight of the box with the mouse in it.


  6. But.. bluetooth? Will Apple force everyone to buy this one, and release the really awaited cordless multibutton Apple-branded overpriced Power Mighty Mouse later?

  7. So it’s not possible to assign different actions to the squeeze buttons, like Exposé on the left and Dashboard on the right, right?

    That’s dumb. Even my old MS-Mouse could do that.

    But I can’t wait to get my hands on it. I like that tiny little scrollball.

  8. Kevin,
    I think you need not to do that weird action when you need to press the side buttons…
    the side buttons are more or less like the old apple mouse, so when you put your index finger and middle finger on the Primary and Secondary button, you can use your thumb and ring finger to press the side buttons…

    Happy to see you using it…


  9. Tin, you’re right… holding the video camera with my right hand made it difficult to hold the mouse properly. You will have spare fingers for the “squeeze” buttons, though the real issue is having to squeeze it with the right amount of force. It’s something you have to get used to. Try it and you’ll know what I mean.

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  11. Yeah! my Mighty Mouse arrived today (I am living in Asia)

    It’s extremely convenient, but got some point of correction…

    I can still use the lovely one click version…though I now set it to Primary and Secondary to test the effect…
    the scroll ball is fine, I need not to press it down before scrolling…just move my finger a little bit and every thing is fine…
    the last thing is the side buttons, I really need not to Grab it like it showed by Kevin in his video…what I did is to apply little force on one side and the expose effect appears…

    Try it out yourself! It’s another GREAT PRODUCT brought to you by Apple!

  12. OK, I got my short report in my blog…(Chinese)
    I tried the Mighty Mouse in Windows already…
    maybe people would not like my words, but I really should describe Mighty Mouse as:
    Just another mouse…for Windows User…
    Sorry, you cant enjoy all the fantastic function described in the Apple web page…sorry, no horizontal scroll, no Expose, no Dashboard…Primary and Secondary button, they are fine…but…if I can only use the vertical scroll …ball…and left and right click, why Apple?
    For Mac user, this is another MUST BUY for you…!!! ^^”v

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  14. If you take one or two moments to adjust youself to how the inductive left an right buttons work, you will see that it is much more efficient that other 3-4 button mice. Making it Bluetooth wireless would make it a Microsoft/Logitec replacement ANYDAY. Apple bluetooth mice seem to work more consistently that either MS/LT. The side squeeze was the only one that took a bit more to get used to. I use the ball click for app-windows Expose. VERY SLICK!! Right Click works flawlessly. Especially with Photoshop and Final Cut. Over all a great mouse!!

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