Today’s Links (Flipsides of Singapore’s Blogosphere)

The Flipsides of Singapore's Blogosphere

  • Tabloid Times RAWKS!
    A pretty awesome blog that covers the Singaporean blog-celebrities scene… mercilessly tells all, includes unconfirmed photos of infamous, anonymous bloggers. It’s The National Enquirer for SG Blogosphere… Keywords: blogs, media, singapore, social, trends
  • ????
    Sister FuRong JieJie blogs with a thick-skin… something about men finding her so "beauty" that they faint on sight and about Xiaxue being all "photoshop beauty" only. A definite must read!! Keywords: blogs, china, funny, singapore
  • "Whorshipping" Xiaxue (NSFW)
    The blog sez: Why are you “whorshipping” the ground she blogs on? It’s hate blog targeted at blog-celebrities with slanderous text and revealing photos to look at. Hated, but more racy than TabloidTimes. At the rate Singapore bloggers are getting attention from the media, this was bound to happen. Step right up! Time to pick your fight! Keywords: blogs, hate, singapore
  • Poser Nation
    A Singapore-based political blog run by three anonymous contributors covering the off-beaten tracks of easten and western politics Keywords: blogs, politics, singapore
  • SingaporeRebel’s Blog
    Martyn See defines the "OB Markers for Singapore Filmmakers" with his controversial film and now, his blog. Keywords: blogs, film, politics, singapore
  • Singabloodypore
    Godfather of Singapore Politics online, Steven Mcdermott’s infamous political blog from which he declared the Singapore blogosphere as "infantile". Almost every bloggers replied in kind, but showed that being funny was a serious matter. Keywords: blogs, politics, singapore

5 thoughts on “Today’s Links (Flipsides of Singapore’s Blogosphere)

  1. I’m sorry but I am NOT a fan of xiaxue. for one thing, her blog’s ugly (gosh. I hope no fan of hers is reading this!) secondly, her blogging is so… messy. idk. maybe it’s just me. but me and my friends really find that she’s just wanting the attention.

  2. I have my reservations about the way she blogs too, but she’s got every right to blog the way she wants, especially since she became infamous because of it (judging from her no. of hate comments). Still, the popular way isn’t always the right way. While others may construe Xiaxue’s blog as what all Singaporean blogs are like, we shouldn’t worry too much about that but instead continue blogging as we see fit. Have faith and take time to show the others that blogs can be so much more.

  3. I’ve never actually been to her blog before. But I remember seeing an icon for her blog which had the slogan “the blog EVERYONE’S reading”.

    So I for one will choose not to just because…. heheh.

    By the way thanks for acknowledging my polyblog. Poser Nation has a nice ring to it dunnit? heheh The title was a bit misleading as it was a themed title of the month. We’re really known as Bastardisation of the East. But a name’s a name.

    PS Kevin: I really ought to have checked up on your follow up to my comment regarding your podcast interview sooner! I will get round to a reply soon….

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