Name the Care Bear in this photo!


No, my blog hasn’t been hacked. A thousand apologies if my close-up pictures cause a sudden loss of appetite. It’s just that my wonderful girlfriend (the one and only Penny) decided to go nuts while mowing my lawn cutting my hair… She made me look “punk”. We both laughed and agreed that it looked like a Care Bear we once saw in a movie… so here it is. Anyone know this Care Bear’s name?

6 thoughts on “Name the Care Bear in this photo!

  1. You guys are too funnie… next time I’ll think twice before putting up any “topless for haircuts” type of photos for the world to see. ­čśŤ

    As much as I’d like to, I can’t qualify for SPG’s nude blogger routine. As a cop at a crime scene would say to onlookers, “Move along here, there’s nothing to see”. No tree-trunk biceps, ripped six-packs or anything… nada. Just a lean mean semi-blogging machine.

    Anyhow, we have a winner on Penny’s blog… the Care Bear is called “Noble heart Horse“.

  2. its Noble Hart horse! the one who raised the care bear cousins while True Hart bear raised the care bears. But if you guys goto ebay and look for Noble Hart the new remake will scare you if your a care bare fan

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