Today’s Links (Blogosphere Headliners)

blogosphere headliners

  • XiaXue’s Hacked
    In home news, Xiaxue’s blog got broken into yesterday after a hacker with the psuedo-name "Mr Tan Kok Wan" discovered her password and gained entry into her Gmail and accounts. Three years worth of blog entries and personal emails were deleted from Singapore’s infamous foul-mouthed blog-celebrity. She is now seeking legal assistance on the matter Keywords: blogs, crime, hacks, singapore
  • Three minor explosions in London
    BBC reports three new minor explosions in London, causing chaos on the Tube and buses. A few people were injured and some said one of the injured carried a backpack that exploded. Keywords: london, news
  • New Potter book pirated in China
    Still in the forefront of intellectual piracy, Harry Potter & the Half-blood Prince has been distributed online as an ebook and sold as physical copies by street vendors. Keywords: books, china, internet, piracy
  • ‘World of Warcraft’ tops 1.5M subscribers in China
    With massive multiplayer online role playing games so popular in China, the Chinese market could soon define the future of online gaming worldwide. Keywords: china, gaming, internet, social, trends
  • RockStar Confirms Sex Mod Not a Hack
    In the Hot Coffee mini-game of GTA: San Andreas, you basically have to get great sex as measured by an excite-o-meter. Thing is, you don’t see any genitalia due to the low-rez graphics. Big deal! Keywords: gaming, hacks, porn

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  1. I love how the photo had her stick out her tongue… as if she “died”… ­čśŤ Looks like the hackery got her even more fame now that her story’s been publish in major newspapers and blogged everywhere else.

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