The oldest Mac switcher I’ve ever helped…


George Rudinger is 94 years old, and he a recent Mac switcher. As I helped him with dial-up issue on his new iBook, I asked him what the secret to his long life was… he said he doesn’t know. All his life, he’s travelled around the world, originating from Austria (I think), to working in Australia and finally settling in the United States to teach. He told me how he remembered how he only had $5 in his pocket when he went to Australia and had to make ends meet from there. If anything can be learnt from this, I think George really knows how to live life. I think going through stress can strengthen your soul. Even now, he’s still lucid and seemingly excited to try new things, including switching to a Mac.

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  1. It’s strange… he doesn’t look 94, and talking to him, it doesn’t feel like so, but he is. I’ve got another Mac expert friend called Jim, and he too doesn’t look 54, he looks more like in his 30s. I feel that between these two individuals, they are young at heart. I think the way one thinks has a dramatic effect on how one lives.

  2. Hello, I am Charlotte Lugmayr-Frantz from Linz an der Donau, Austria .
    Mister George Rudinger looks not like that he is 94 years old.
    Please can you tell me how I can contact him.
    Best regards and thank you !

  3. Dear Ms Lugmayr-Frantz,
    I just found your request for information on my father, George Rudinger. You could send me a letter or other information that I would be glad to forward to him.
    You can conact me at my work:
    Ann Rudinger, MD
    Primary Care
    2160 S. First Ave
    Maywood, Il. 60153

  4. I have to ask: is this THE George Rudinger who wrote Nonsteady Duct Flow, back in 1969? That book is one of the “bibles” in our research group, and many of us end up writing computer solvers using the “Method of Characteristics” technique it describes – still relevant 40 years after it was published!

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