Blogger.SG: To Go or Not To Go?

This is a compulsory banner to prove my Singaporean-ness. I will comply:

Tomorrow… July 16th (or in a few hours in Singapore time) will be the first ever Singaporean bloggers convention aptly names Blogger.SG It’s supposedly organized by grassroots of the local blogosphere and I say “supposedly” because the convention is mostly run by popular “celebrity-like” bloggers, which The Long-Tail of bloggers feel that such does not truly represent the true blogging community. This is of course, argueable. Jim shares his perspective on this issue by comparing conference agendas of Blogger.SG vs. BloggerCon III. While Blogger.SG has indeed shaped up pretty well comparably, what remains to be seen will be the turn out in a few hours time.

There is good reason to be cynical… we only see celebrity bloggers in the conference. Usually an open conference would have invited others to submit proposals so they could be selected for presentation too… but no, we don’t see that. We only see microphones next to the audience with the speakers having the last say.

Conspiracy theories are abundant on who’s really running the show. It’s inevitable that the powers are always at work. The crew may have even tried to dilute this point “wag the dog” style, by creating a “conspiracy theory meme” to flood subversive thinking. Still, I believe in the natural selection of things. After all, everything bad is good for you… right?

While I sound cynical, I am but truly excited. Even as I sit here in my warm humid apartment with the fans blowing at my feet, I can only pause and imagine how in a way, the citizen on the streets have stood up. I wish I could be there, love it or hate it (Emm, anyone doing a webcast?).

Ultimately, given the blurred lines of powers in the blogosphere and the real world, this convention can swing both way… we could finally be thinking for ourselves, or someone could still be doing the thinking for us. We will only know after Blogger.SG concludes.

My Final Stand:
If you’re deliberating whether you should attend, I would rather recommend going to Blogger.SG because I place more intelligence with you. You should be wise enough to know what’s really good for yourself. At least I hope so. Do blog feedback and keep me posted on the proceedings!

7 thoughts on “Blogger.SG: To Go or Not To Go?

  1. To the detractors, I’d say any start is a good start. Can always improve a litle each year. Participants can provide constructive criticism and some can help organse the next session. Too many critics are erm, just critics.

    From the monthly mac meetups we use to hold, I’ve seen geek gurus learn from technophobes. And at speeds impossible on just a computer. Meetups are useful.

    I’m ill so unable to go; anyway there was a conflicting schedule. Another nature/envt blogger is going though. Pity you aren’t back, Kelvin.

  2. Otterman:
    Aiyoh! Why are you ill again!?! I’d better not go… otherwise you might find me in the “cynics corner” of the conference, discussing how we should start “”. ­čśŤ

  3. Sorry for not being clear Jean… “the long-tail” as cited from Wikipedia:

    The phrase The Long Tail (as a proper noun with capitalized letters) was first coined by Chris Anderson in a 2004 Wired Magazine article to describe certain business and economic models such as or Netflix. The term long tail is also generally used in statistics, often applied in relation to wealth distributions or vocabulary use.

    I meant to say that for blogs, this illustrates that popular blogs are only a mere fraction of the larger variety in the types of blogs…. which includes mine ­čśŤ

  4. I went but I missed the first half (open floor to bloggers). I heard that was funny and lively. Caught the panel discussion on legalities of blogging and that was useful. Learnt a few things myself. But left early and didn’t stay for the rest. Seems that Sunday Times did an article — I’m not sure ‘cos haven’t read the papers. I was interviewed though. Hmm… wonder if I’d be quoted.

  5. Ivan: Thanks to Siva, I got part of the Sunday Times which talks about Bloggers.SG. A Big Yawn they say… reporters seems to be unhappy with the conference. I can’t blame them… suddenly these self-proclaiming upshots called bloggers are taking on their turf! Either way, it’s a milestone for the “everyday joe” to come this far.

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