Farewell Jean…

jean_farewell.jpgJean goes back to Singapore today. She’s been a great friend to many of us in the University at Buffalo and will be sorely missed.

As she took turns to hug everyone around her at the airport, she whispered words of how she remembered each of us. She reminded me of my “blond hair” days where I used to be more carefree.

It’s amazing how four years have past so quickly. Looking forward, I told her that just as she’s had her Buffalo adventure… the next adventure awaits back home in Singapore. All the best Jean!

See and Hear her bid us farewell…

3 thoughts on “Farewell Jean…

  1. Have you been down the hall on the 2nd floor of Capen where her face appears to watch you as you go around the corner. Kind of the ghost of Jean past.

    I’m sorry I didn’t know she was leaving. If you read this, Jean, best of luck in your new future.

  2. Yes, that huge poster of her moved from Student Union I remember. No one will be able to forget her anymore ­čśŤ

  3. Yes, I have been immortalized…Thanks Alex for the well wishes…and best of luck to you too! You were a wonderful professor and you made studying theory fun…with jeopardy and all. I’ll never foget you. Kevin, I’ll miss hanging out in 316. The movies, the Halo, the wonderful dinners…thank you!

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