Aftermath of NYC vacation

NYC fireworks

Now back at ETC, my boss asks me one of those questions you had to expect… “How was New York City?” I tried to think of a colorful way to describe it, especially since I’m very much a city-person coming from Singapore. Decidedly, I laid it down simply as “Yesterday I was briskly moving along the lunchtime hustle and bustle of 5th Ave. Today I am sitting here in the quiet cold office surrounded by four white walls”. She smiled, showing sympathy and acknowledging the living contrast, then walked away.

It’s been a funny trip… I was blinded on the first day by some stray particle, then we ended up watching the Independence day fireworks even though we didn’t plan for it, and lastly MOMA was left to the last day and of all the days, it had to close on Tuesday.

While elia diodati (man previous known as Acid Flask) gave a wonderfully accurate account of his NYC weekend (See his photos), I’m pretty reserved when it comes to words, relying more on pictures… which you can see on our NYC photo gallery. (Incidentally if you read his NYC post, you’d see that we did something special which I aim to post soon. I just need more time to enhance it during my free time).

Walking around NYC’s financial district, I saw almost all buildings with x-ray scanners and metal detectors. Today’s London blasts served as a stark reminder why vigilance is important. I read the news reports and video coverage from BBC but wanted to see more photographs of what happened, so I hopped onto Flickr, looking for anything recent with the tag: bombs. Unfortunately Flickr seemed to be swamped and photos weren’t loading for some reason. Just like the telephone service, even web-based services can go down during a national crisis. I think we really need to strengthen our communications infrastructure just to deal with such disasters because for some people, it is a matter of survival.

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