iTunes Upgrade with Podcasting Support Ships


UPDATE: Now you can download Apple’s Chapter Tool to add chapters to your podcast.

UPDATE 2: OPML2iTunes is an appleScript to import OPML podcast subscriptions into iTunes. Makes life easier for those transitioning from other podcast clients to iTunes 4.9

“Select subscription options and download your favorite podcasts automatically”… that’s the premise of the new Apple iTunes 4.9, which is now available for download for both the Macintosh and Windows. With the major feature being subscriptions to podcasts, this new iTunes should really get podcasts out to the rest of the Internet / iPod users who haven’t been exposed to the world of podcasting. Together with ODEO, podcasting should be set to shake up the music and radio industry.

In related news, Apple shuffles up an revised line of iPods… nothing really new except price drops everywhere, including a the 1gb iPod Shuffle for $129 and a 20gb iPod Photo for $299. U2 iPod having a color screen really bores me… lame. What’s lamer? All iPods are now marketed as “Podcast Ready“… like they weren’t?

(ok, I take that back…)