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Not too long ago, I mentioned how I had found the best-looking iPod Shuffle sticker designs made by a company called Shufflesome. Just last week, Alex Schneider of Shufflesome contacted me and today I have two sets of Shufflesome stickers on hand. Gotta love the Internet!

I decided to dress up my iPod Shuffle with the “Barbaloo” sticker set (the one with the “Kill Bill” girl as Alex describes). Placing the stickers was quite easy as the thin but strong vinyl material allowed me to easily remove and re-position the stickers. I noticed that although the Shufflesome stickers wrap around the entire iPod Shuffle, it’s not easy to get rid of the gap between the iPod unit and the cap (as seen in the third photo), so it’s something you have to live with.

As seen in the fifth photo, the iPod’s LED status light is visible through the Shufflesome sticker, however the iPod Shuffle’s serial number on the back will be covered. There are other ways to get the serial number other than peeling the sticker, including the use of iPod Updater 2005-11-01 or later. I took a photo of the “Shufflesomed” iPod together with the iPod Shuffle Armband just for kicks.

On the whole, I love the quality of the print and the beautiful design on my little mp3 player. It looks so good, it looks as if it were printed on the iPod Shuffle itself. Now if Apple could sell U2 iPods, why not specially designed iPod Shuffles?

UPDATE: Dr. Halavais made an example of me for an interesting take on bloggers receiving gifts…

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  2. You know Ivan, a few years back, someone did make iBook “stickers” which were basically printed vinyl cling-ons which statically attached to the iBook’s plastic casing. This allowed for easy on and off placement. Skinning gadgets is very common nowadays, as seen in mobile phones, ipods and so on. You’re right, these kinds of accessories make big business.

  3. I don’t know if it’s my local weather (SE Asian, cool rainy season) but I got some of these, and only after a few days of use, the glue started coming out off the sides of the vinyl stickers and started making a mess. It probably would’ve been less noticeable if I had gotten a black colored designs, but I got one of the white designs…

  4. These stickers definitely have a lifespan… mine starts to fray on the sharper ends of it. I guess we can’t expect too much from it 🙂

  5. Hi Kevin, we have reacted to this: Since November 2005 we use a different material which is thinner. The edges around the button are still sharp but are less prone to fray.

    Shufflesome stickers are laminated. Stickers without lamination could be even thinner and might have less tendency to fray.

    But for small edition print runs, i am afraid there is no other printing process that could give us equally affordable stickers.

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