Video: A sneak peek at ODEO (it’s like flickr for podcasts)

Everyone’s talking about ODEO. I only heard about ODEO yesterday from the MAKE blog and decided to try my luck at getting an invite. I received the invite soon after and was pretty convinced of the potential ODEO has for anyone to start podcasting. IT’S FINALLY THAT EASY!

If you’re too busy to sign up for an invite, check out my screencast (computer screen video recording) where I take a sneak peek at ODEO, give a brief background as well as explain the potential impact it has for the podcasting world.

Watch the video review:
Large version (640 x 480 / 50mb) via or direct link

Small version (320 x 240 / 15mb) via or direct link

Update: MAKE blog has better screenshots of ODEO’s “Create” section, which includes the browser based podcast recorder and phone tool.

5 thoughts on “Video: A sneak peek at ODEO (it’s like flickr for podcasts)

  1. hey there. just curious how you managed to get an invite. is there something else I should be doing other than signing up to receive notification on when it’s going to launch?

  2. I did exactly that via the signup page. I didn’t expect to receive any invite, just a notification. A few hours later, an invite came in the email. I’m sure it’s actually open to all. ­čÖé

  3. Thanks for this, Kevin. I’ve signed up and hope to get an invite. Your video review helped to give me a better idea what it’s about. Great. BTW, large version seems to hang so I resorted to the smaller version.

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