Happy Birthday to me…

So far birthday wishes from my mum (via IM), dad (via email), Penny (via phone), ETC colleagues (at workplace). See the increasing resolution of communication media?

What am I doing on my birthday you might ask?

Today I’m gonna play softball with Mike’s team as usual after work, then Jenny (my Korean housemate) is making me a birthday dinner. Will probably be hanging out with Peter after that till late, maybe at O (a Japanese lounge & restaurant).

I should be happy with where I am in life now, even though I’m now 28 when I told myself I’d make my first “million” by 25. Oh well, a slight delay in the grand scheme of things… ­čśŤ

Right now just worried about getting papers written and published so I can graduate by June 2006. I just have to get started, then it won’t be so bad.

Wish me luck!

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to me…

  1. Happy Birthday!!!

    Oh, and I was much more reasonable, and gave myself until 30. But I’ve blown that out too. Race you to it.

    I’ll do more than wish you luck on the papers :). We need to get you to candidate status right-quick.

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