Essential Widgets for Bloggers

UPDATE: A new blogging widget specifically for WordPress users is now out. Derived from DashBlog, WordPressDash was built especially for WordPress users and offers category support.

Of all the Tiger widgets out there, there are some which should be in the toolkit of every Mac blogger… these would include two of my favorites: DashBlog & Flidget.

DashBlog While I’m into dressing up my posts with images and links, DashBlog isn’t about that. Instead, it allow for spur of the moment blogging just by hitting F12 on your Mac keyboard. This isn’t really documented anywhere, but configuring DashBlog is easy for WordPress users:
• Hit “Configure” on the DashBlog
• For Blog Type, select “Self-run via BloggerAPI”
• Username and Password are the ones you enter to administer your blog on the web.
• The “Leave Form Opened” kinda threw me off at first, but I believe it’s an appearance setting to let you choose if you want the widget to initially display an open form when you hit F12, or a closed, slim one that requires you to hit “New Post”.

FlidgetFlidget is a great drag-and-drop image upload widget for Flickr. It’s is even easier to configure than Dashblog… just hit the tiny “i” at the bottom of the widget, enter your Flickr username and password and whether you want uploaded images to be public or private.

There are more Dashboard widgets out there for avid bloggers, such as RSS feed widgets and so on, but I think these two make great additions to your blogging arsenal. In fact, this post was made via Dashblog, and later tidied under WordPress.