Got featured on MAKE: Playing PSP games via Internet

I got a surprise this morning when my Flickr post got featured on MAKE’s blog, O’Reilly’s ever-popular DIY geek magazine. Entitled “PSP + Kaid + Wipeout Pure = Multiplayer over Internet“, I gave a brief intro to playing PSP multiplayer games via the Internet. The Nintendo DS supposedly has that feature built-in, but sadly the PSP relies on adhoc wifi proximity to other PSP players for multiplayer games. I do know that some PSP games do feature Internet play now, such as Twisted Metal. For the rest of us who own other games, here’s how you generally do it:

Posted by Phillip Torrone on June 11, 2005 at 12:06 AM

inju writes – Here I use a 12″ Powerbook running KAID and have it connected to the Internet via ethernet. I run Wipeout Pure on the Sony PSP and start up a multiplayer game then pop back to my mac to look for the PSP broadcast on the “computer-to-computer” or ADHOC connection via my Airport Extreme. A little tricky, but once you get it going, it’s so worth while! Get Xlink Kai

What I forgot to mention was the full instructions available in the Mac OS X PSP Connection Guide as posted in the Xlink Kai Forum.

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