Baked Pepper Salmon over Asparagus

Baked Salmon over Asparagus

Since Penny went home to Singapore for her vacation, I had to start fending for myself again… cooking wise. I’ve been here in Buffalo for 2 years before she came over so I had a bit of cooking experience. Now though, I had to regain my cooking intuition… you know one of those things where you picture what you want to eat and predict the ingredients you’d need to make it. I don’t cook much, so what I made for dinner should be quick, intuitive and fast for everyone. If you like what you see, try my recipe…

My Baked Pepper Salmon over Asparagus recipe:

  1. Rub on black pepper sauce or equivalent sauce as a marinate on the salmon
  2. Spray on butter (or rub butter) on a foiled baking pan so the fish can cook without sticking
  3. Preheat oven, then simply bake the Salmon at 350 degrees for about 10min
  4. Turn off oven and leave salmon to continue baking in the residual heat for 15min
  5. While baking salmon, broil or steam your bunch of cleaned asparagus
  6. Add some salt and olive oil into boiling water to taste
  7. For both salmon and asparagus, I observe if they’re ready by checking for firmness, so feel free to poke a little
  8. If the salmon (or any meat) is thick, sometimes the center might not get cooked. In which case, cheat by using a microwave
  9. Once cooked, arrange your food on a plate, throw some parsley on the salmon and add sides like cherry tomatoes and marinated mushrooms

Eating, and cooking, is an experience in itself so you want to make it as enjoyable as possible. I kept popping cherry tomatoes in my mouth while I waited. I must say that this dish is really hard to go wrong because baking salmon is easy and so is boiling asparagus. Really not much work involved… minimal prep time required. Totally recommended for geeks who’d rather spend more time blogging!

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