KLEEN SCENE: “We Clean What The Others Won’t”

My buddy, Chris Barr, first spotted this on a commercial billboard along Elmwood and Hertel in Buffalo, New York… upon checking it out, I had to blog it! “Kleen Scene” appeared like any other innocuous advertisement along the street until you take a closer look at what the company does via their advertised URL:

Kleen Scene – “We Clean What The Others Won’t”

As seen on their About Us page:
A traumatic event such as a homicide, suicide or unattended death can leave a family or business owner devastated. Kleen Scene has recognized that after such an incident, those involved are left with the all to common question, “What do we do next”? It is a general misconception that the police or coroners are responsible to clean up the aftermath at such a scene. In all actuality, the responsibility falls upon the home or business owner.

Kleen Scene provides regulatory on site cleaning and decontamination of all items involved at a death scene. We ease a burden and provide peace of mind to the community at a time when it is needed most. No family or business should bare the burden of cleaning a bio-hazardous death scene. Not only are there many legal issues involved in the cleaning and disposal of medical waste, but often, the trauma involved can be too much for any untrained individual to bare. Let Kleen Scene bare that burden for you.

Kleen Scene’s web site even features zoomable “Before and After” photos of cleaned up bloody killings. With a neat photo of Buffalo’s City Hall on their homepage, Kleen Scene must really have competition taking care of the thriving homicide market in our fine city. Whoever said Buffalo was going downhill was way wrong… ­čśŤ

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