iTunes Recommendation: The Chinese Red Army Choir

Kelvin tipped me off to some wickedness on the iTunes music store. Called The Little Red Record, this album by the Chinese Red Army Choir was recently added to the music store. If you don’t have iTunes, you can listen to every track here in MP3 or RealAudio. Authentic stuff, Cannot Bluff!

Check out the track names from the album:

01 Sweet-scented Osmanthus
02 Song Of Guerills Forces
03 Three Clauses Of Discipline
04 Cross Snow Mountains And Grass
05 Song Of The Women Soldiers Com
06 On Songhua River
07 March Of Liberation Army
08 No Party, No New China
09 Sing The Praises Of Our Mother
10 Workers, Peasants And Soldiers
11 The Shining Zunyi Conference
12 Paean
13 Song Of Join Forces With Armie
14 Jing Gang Shan
15 Ten Songs Of Border Area
16 Liberation Army Occupaied Nanj
17 Orchestra ‘The Good News From
18 Army And Common People Are Fam
19 We Are The Successors
20 The Fellow Soldiers Of Red Arm
21 The Autumn Harvest Uprising
22 Report Succecss
23 Permanent Friendship
24 Get To The Home Front Of Enemy
25 Training Dance
26 Rosy Rays Of Sunlight Are Shin
27 Liberation Go Forward
28 The Brilliance Of Chairman Mao

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