What if the Apple & Intel rumors were fake?


As reported in an earlier post where the CEO of Intel hinted to the public to “Get a Mac”, Apple should be announcing their first steps at switching to the Intel processor, possibly because of how IBM hasn’t been delivering on the G5 processor speeds as agreed. I found it rather worrying that the traditional news media has pick up on the rumors from the web (i.e. blogs) and reported on it even before Apple has announced anything!

If the rumors are true:
Then we know there was a method to Otellini’s madness!

If the rumors are false:
It would make traditional news sources, like New York Times, look really bad!

In any case, Kottke gave some backing to this rumor as he cited a Slashdot posting about Apple having a “Moto” contingency in their contract with IBM. There are extremely tough provisions in the contract that Apple insisted upon to prevent another Motorola scenario from happening. IBM had no problem with the provisions because they were positive the could beet [sic] the goals by two in half the time. IBM fucked up badly.

While you might be convinced by the news that Apple is switching to Intel, you might do better to read what The Register had to say about the rumor back in May 2005, where they explained “Why Apple won’t embrace Intel“. Steve Jobs is known to make life-changing decisions when anyone in the industry pisses him off, so this could jolly well be Apple’s retaliatory move.

You can read a roundup of the Apple & Intel fiasco on MacRumors.com. Steve Jobs should be making the official announcement at WWDC 2005… which is in a few hours. You can follow the announcements live at MacRumorsLive.com.

UPDATE: Well, it was true… you can read about it on Yahoo News or watch the WWDC 2005 streaming video for Steve Job’s presentation. What do you think about the announcement? Stay tuned for my opinions about Apple & Intel.