Taking Stock of Summer


Now that Penny has gone back to Singapore for a long overdue vacation (she hasn’t gone home for 2 years), I’m left in Buffalo taking stock of things I have to do over summer. I’ve switched to full-time work at ETC (40 hours) to maximize my summer income, and I’m planning to use my free time to catch up on reading as well as preparing my dissertation proposal (argh!).

The problem is that being summer, I tend to get out more and end up being distracted from things that I am suppose to do, such as blogging regularly. Frankly speaking, I find that the best time to blog is during work, because you’re most focused by your desk and it’s something that can be done in short bursts. Anyhow, I’ve got a ton of stuff fighting for my attention which often gets sidetracked by my evil Xbox and PSP.

Well they say that getting things off your mind and onto a list helps reduce your mental stress, so I’m making one. Anyway, I bet you’re also dying to find out what I do in my everyday life, so here it is arranged from higher to lower priority… 😛

At Work:

  1. Fix and update the Uncrowned Queens web site (the previous webmaster used Frontpage and now it won’t work in browsers other than IE!).
  2. Edit Yong’s Hong Kong news video and add English translated subtitles, then encode it into a various digital formats for distribution.
  3. Update Nabadulang’s UB Dental School course web site
  4. Train two student assistants, Cory & Leah, on dubbing videos on VHS and DVDs.
  5. Train a senior faculty, Carol, on Microsoft Frontpage so she can teach it in Fall 2005 (Frontpage makes bad proprietary code, I hate teaching that. Either way, she’s doesn’t even have basic computer skills and wants to go from zero to hero by teaching this to her students? I’ll do my best…).
  6. Orientate Jill to our “UBLearns” Blackboard Course Management System.
  7. Upgrade ETC Macs to Tiger 10.4.1 (Before I start imaging the Macs, I’ve to make sure everything we use works in Tiger, including out various printers and scanners).
  8. Move equipment from ETC North to ETC South with Jim & Thom.

At Home:

  1. Convert a client’s static web site to a CMS enabled site in exchange for free web hosting at tunedweb.com
  2. Read “Writing Your Dissertation in Fifteen Minutes a Day: A Guide to Starting, Revising, and Finishing Your Doctoral Thesis” and then start writing my dissertation!
  3. Practice scratching on my turntables now that I’ve got “Turntable Technique: The Art of the DJ” by Stephen Webber of the Berklee Music School (See video).
  4. Renew my DMV (required eye exam).
  5. Fix my 3Com Audrey to play RealAudio streams.
  6. Get Sony to replace my PSP which has dead pixels.
  7. Buy Sirloin steak on sale from TOPS for simple lonely dinners.
  8. Jog & play tennis on alternate days.

4 thoughts on “Taking Stock of Summer

  1. That’s how bad my situation is… I’ve got two qualifying papers and one dissertation to submit by the next June. HELP! 🙁

  2. Jia you woo Kevin!!
    Soon it’ll be June 27th ya.. and in no time, penny’s back!! hehe…
    Smile always! =)

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