Apple sends student developers a little surprise!

Apple turned my dull day around when I received a big stuffed envelope with not only the Tiger Install DVD inside, but a Tiger “Spotlight technology” T-shirt as well! I wish they sent me a smaller shirt though… XL makes it seem like I’m wearing a black dress (no need to wear pants underneath). No, I’m serious… I’ve a little friend called Andy who loves to wear long T-shirts right down to the knees, damn those trendsetters! 😛

6 thoughts on “Apple sends student developers a little surprise!

  1. Taking Nadine’s suggestion, since it’s so big, maybe I can offer it to any “Hardcore Mac” girl to wear as a nightie. I love collecting these stuff, but would rather share my wealth and someone else happy. I wonder who I should give it to…

  2. I’ll see if I can arrange that… this is cool since it would be the first time I’ll be handing out a “prize” for visiting my blog 😛

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