Guide to Japan for the Mac Geek Tourist (w/ home video)


Todd Ogasawara, a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) posted a pictorial guide to Japan for the Mac Techno-Tourist at When I was about 17yrs old, I was fortunate enough to be taken along for a business trip with my Dad to Tokyo. Being one of the pioneers of desktop publishing in Singapore (he was an early investor in Apple and Aldus), my dad was invited for the IDN designer conference in Tokyo back then. When I was there, one word summed it all: Ohmygawd (ok that’s three words, but heck). Tokyo was a geek haven even the likes of William Gibson seeks inspiration from.

I loved it so much, I made a musical travelogue of the trip which I dubbed “JapBoy: Good walking in Japan” (it’s in Engrish). You can catch it here (or here). The video codec is really old (Cinepak) so give the page time to load even though you don’t see any download status going.

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