Knowing someone only after he dies…

Simon Ng: Rest in Peace

You’ve probably heard about blogger Simon Ng by now… if not, it doesn’t matter. All you need to know is that he made his last blog entry on May 12th, 2005. Simon and his sister, Sharon Ng, were murdered by an unknown assailant in their home in Queens, NY. Unknown, until the police discovered his last blog entry, which gave a unknowingly significant account of what went on that faithful day. Thanks to the online account, Jin Lin, 23, was charged with first-degree murder yesterday in the bloody slayings of Sharon and Simon Ng in their Kew Gardens Hills apartment Thursday, officials said.

By now hundreds of bloggers have descended on Simon’s Xanga blog, pouring forth “rest in peace” messages in the comments of a dead man’s blog. Many didn’t know him, yet you feel like you remember him with incredible clarity once you read his blog. It feels weird knowing someone only after he or she has passed… as if his soul were still around, floating in the memories of strangers who read about him. Take some time to read the blog and you’ll discover personal photos on his web site. You can read the chilling last entry to his blog here. It’s pretty creepy.

4 thoughts on “Knowing someone only after he dies…

  1. feel sorry to hear that.

    so far, i knew two webloggers who died.

    One it was Terri Schiavo and another was a young lady in the netherland who got a uhmm .. i think it was breast cancer, i forgot.

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