Halo 3 to counter PlayStation 3 launch

In next week’s issue of Time Magazine, Bill Gates mentioned plans for the release of the much-anticipated follow-up to the best-selling console shooter. In a parenthetical sidebar in the article, Time says the following:

Note to the hard-core faithful: the next version of Halo will not, repeat not, be ready in time for the launch of Xbox 360. It will be part of the all-important second wave next spring. ‘It’s perfect,’ Gates says, radiant with bloodlust. ‘The day Sony launches [the new PlayStation], and they walk right into Halo 3.’

Time_Xbox360.jpgAll I can say is OUCH! Competition is mad fierce and only Microsoft has definitely got the financial guts to say such things.

Details on the other consoles (Playstation 3 and Nintendo Revolution) are sketchy at this point as Xbox 360 was announced last week. At this point, the Xbox 360 runs on 3 x 3.2Ghz G5 processors, which is insanely fast. I still can’t imagine a gaming console faster than the fastest PC!

For more, read the article entitled “Halo 3 parrying PlayStation 3 launch” on Xbox 360 News at GameSpot.

Also, check out screenshots and audio commentaries of new Xbox 360 games on Time Magazine’s site.

4 thoughts on “Halo 3 to counter PlayStation 3 launch

  1. Nadine: Gaming used to be a novelty, but I don’t think it is anymore… it’s more mainstream now than anything. There are more girls who game now, and even more who can kick my butt in HALO too. Either way, either beat them or join them. I suggest the latter and try a good game yourself. ­čśŤ

    G: Yeah, I find it amazing how the cell processor can be that much faster than 3 x G5 3.2Ghz processors. Frankly speaking I don’t like how either of them looks. I’d really pick my console based on two things: games and hackability. That’s the only reason why I got an Xbox where I never owned a console before, it’s totally hackable (and I’m not talking about changing some freakin’ faceplates!)

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