Mac users, go get AppleJack!


As I lamented over the lack of disk utilities updated for Tiger (Mac OS 10.4), my friend Peter told me about AppleJack, a new freeware disk utility that makes it easy for you to maintain your Mac’s general health. So far it’s gotten 5/5 stars on Versiontracker and it has won over many users. Don’t worry about the command line, it’s not hard at all… all you need to do after installing it is:
1. Reboot
2. After the Mac boots up with the “Bong!” sound, hold Command-S until you see the Apple logo show up on screen
3. Type “applejack” in the command line
4. Select an option, otherwise I recommend just going with “Auto”
5. Once the repair is all done, reboot.

Here’s the details from the AppleJack project on Sourceforge:

AppleJack is a user friendly troubleshooting assistant for Mac OS X. With AppleJack you can troubleshoot a computer even if you can’t load the GUI, or don’t have a startup CD handy. AppleJack runs in Single User Mode and is menu-based for ease of use. Using AppleJack, you can repair your disk, repair permissions, validate the system’s preference files, and get rid of possibly corrupted cache files. In most cases, these operations can help get your machine back on track. The important thing is that you don’t need another startup disk with you. All you need to do is restart in Single User Mode (SUM), by holding down the command and s keys at startup, and then typing applejack, or applejack auto (which will run through all the tasks automatically), or applejack auto restart (which will also restart the computer automatically at the end of the process).