Going Electric in Summer: The Go Motorboard 1500x


It’s Friday the 13th, but instead of getting bad omens, I received my Go Motorboard 1500x today via Fedex, ahead of schedule. I’ve been eyeing this for a while and since a bunch of them started to appear used on eBay for $99 “Buy-It-Now”, I took the plunge (MSRP was $249). A company called Go Sporting Goods makes these electric scooters and it’s discontinued as a newer and more expensive model, the 1600x, is in production.

This electric scooter is the smallest of its kind, so it’s very portable. Being small doesn’t mean it’s wimpy either, since it goes up to 15mph on two high powered motors. Just look at the specs:

• Maximum speed 15 mph • 5-10 miles per charge • 22 lbs with battery • Dual motors generating 750 watts • 260lbs weight limit • Folded dimensions: 31″x9.5″x7″ • Solid core wheels • Plywood deck • “Aircraft quality” aluminum used throughout • Battery level indicator • Built-in kickstand • True variable speed throttle • Regenerative braking (charges batteries) • Quick charger included

I’m planning to make my trips to campus on the Go Motorboard since I don’t live too far away. I’ll be having fun in the sun while saving on fuel costs. Cars just cost too much and I just got mine fixed yet again for hundreds of dollars. It seems that the poor only get poorer, especially when you buy an old car that constantly needs repairs… it’s a vicious cycle.

One of the hacks I might add to the Motorboard is a cheap cyclometer so I can tell the speed and mileage I’m doing. As the wheels are solid, you tend to feel the bumps on the road with it, so I might also find some inflatable tires that’ll fit this baby. Finally, I was also thinking of fashioning a strap so I can carry this around easily. Gotta love eBay! 😛

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  1. Don’t forget a sturdy helmet and maybe wristpads. For those who think that’s uncool… well would anyone carry their laptop without a good protective case? 🙂

  2. Hi Kevin! How is the go motorboard holding up for you anyway?? Want to sell it to me by any chance : )

    Please let me/everyone know what you think of the scooter after using it these last 4 months or so…


  3. I haven’t used it in a while since I needed the car more, but I love it too much to sell. If anything, this scooter is so well designed, it feels like a natural extension from walking, to running to scooting at 30 miles per hour. Perhaps in future I’ll bear you in mind! 🙂

  4. I own on of these and they are superb!!! just awesome fun and lasts long, i bought mine 1.5 years ago and its great still runs fine and you can get speeds od 20mph if you must first and hold the accelerator so it can keep that pace. you can also open the top which is a light wood piece which is very strong and clean the interior. this is recomended and it will help keep the scooter for getting dirty in the interiors. secondly you can make modifications so that without having to push to keep pace but it can then get up to 25 mph which is great, 1 problem you need good roads for this, i traveled with this for a month and the tires got a bit spoiled so use it carefully and seriously. its great i advize that more people should get these and then travel on cycle and scooter only and forget cars as it is more environmental friendly for the world, its our world lets make the most of it.

  5. Hi! I’m looking to buy a 1500x scooter (£155 from Toyasaurus) and I was wondering if anybody can recommend a brand of inflatable tire that would fit it. Also I cant find anywhere in the UK that stocks ANY parts for the GMB range so can anybody from the UK recommend a store?

  6. Overall this is an absolutely awesome scooter, but I would stay away from the 1500X model and go for one of the 2000 models. I’ve had some experience with the 1500X batch and there were some problems. Just some kinks that needed to be worked out. From what I hear the 2000 models are rock solid.

  7. I have two motorboards and need battery`s for both e-mail me,or call me at 419-295-7051,thank you.

  8. The batteries in the 15500x are “4v Cyclon Monoblocs 8ahr”. You can see the specs at the EnerSys website. I've found the blocs as low as $20 each plus shipping. You will need 4 blocs wired in series for the 16Volts. Just tag the wiring that is currently in the battery box and it should be less difficult to install a new battery pack. Enjoy.

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