Why do Powerbooks have magnets?


Lifehacker ran a blurb about a reader discovering the magnetic properties of his Powerbook. Basically the PowerBook latch ‘caught’ his flying screw with its magnetic tractor beam! Yes, there’s a magnet there which I can now use to keep a bunch of metal paper clips.

Why is there a magnet in the lower latch you ask? (You did ask right?)
I noticed that if you slowly close your Powerbook, at the last moment just before the lid is shut, the metal latch hook flies out from the lid to clip the with the trackpad section. That’s the magic of magnetism. It’s cool because little hidden details like these make the Powerbook more beautiful. Just look at the “hooks” of most other PC laptop lids… they’re so big you could hang your grocery shopping bags there. ­čśŤ