Fast Company: Blogging to boost your career


It’s not everyday that your academic advisor appears in a magazine like Fast Company. Alex Halavais, isn’t just my scholarly advisor; he is an assistant professor of communications and the graduate director of informatics, SUNY Buffalo. Alex appears in the current issue of Fast Company as he gets interviewed on how to career-blog the right way. In this short article, he talked about how your blog is your branding, how to blog and not get fired (think by seeking company permission and being honestly part of the blogging community. When asked for good examples of professional blogs to emulate, Alex recommends publicist Steve Rubel’s and entrepreneur Ross Mayfield’s blogs. He explains that they both provide a high degree of transparency and a low degree of spin. “When Ross writes about the loss of a major client or the challenge of a new competitor, I feel as if I am part of his company. That authenticity keeps his readers coming back”, said Alex.

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