What is the Blogosphere?

I’ve always referred to the Wikipedia for the definition of a blog, but found it quite a mouthful to explain, especially to the layman. Nowadays, I find that the average person may be capable of getting technical and specific in their query about blogs, but fail to see things in the holistic sense when I explain it to them. Often I get asked how blogs differ from online forums or even Intranets. This is where I have to give thanks to Andy Lark for his take on defining the blogosphere by comparing it to the web. It’s a great “elevator pitch” for blogs:

Web = Cold                     Blogosphere = Warmth
Web = Transmission       Blogosphere = Conversation
Web = Place                    Blogosphere = Community
Web = Anonymous          Blogosphere = Personal
Web = Company              Blogosphere = People
Web = Content                Blogosphere = Expression
Web = Cookie Cutter      Blogosphere = Individual
Web = Closed                  Blogosphere = Participatory
Web = Unresponsive       Blogosphere = Gives thanks…

His article gives some real-life examples to the comparison as shown above, so do make it a point to read it.

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