The coolest “Free WiFi” place to hang out yet!

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Living here in Buffalo, NY is really a practice of suburban living. Being more of a city person, you’d find me appreciating the high-tech concrete building over the wide open meadows where the “Buffalos roam” (ok, it’s not that bad!)… Bearing this in mind, I try to convince myself that there would be people I know who’d die for this kind of slower lifestyle and that I should be grateful (which I always am). One of the biggest things that I love about a city (like Singapore) is the frequency I get to meet new people. Back here, I used to hang out at the original “Bubble Tea Cafe” where there was free wireless internet access, good food & beverages, and definitely the good company of geeky patrons I get to meet. Since it was closed a few years back, I felt that I haven’t been socializing as much except on campus. I wanted a more balanced range of acquaintances, some academic, some from outside businesses and some from “anywhere else”. I see this as a way of improving my individual social capital worth. Finding a new wifi-enabled hangout place was a must…

Enter the Atlanta Baking Co.
The only regret I have is not discovering this earlier… I only found this place in its own building today when I dropped Penny off for a job interview along Sheridan and Transit Rd. Featuring a Starbucks-like coffee barista, a quality bakery, and a full fledged kitchen, this place really whips up an appetite for the unprepared. The ambience here is off the hook… our location has a fireplace with couches, multiple seating arrangements (stool, two or more person seaters), and best of all, courteous staff. Note that this place really packs during lunchtime as it caters to the nearby business park employees.

According to my friend Peter, we’re lucky in that Buffalo happens to be one of the few fifteen branches that features the full extended menu, which includes the Thai Chicken Pizza and the Shanghai Vegetable Soup which I tried just before they ran out of. This limited period soup consisted of cabbage, broccoli, carrots, green chile peppers, shallots and mushrooms in coconut milk and curry broth. I don’t work for them, but I can vouch for its tastiness.

Yes, there is free WiFi, which is mostly why I’m so crazy about it.
I’m most happy to report that this place has free wifi, and the best part, is that they’re using the Linksys WRT54GS wireless router (the one with SpeedBooster). The WRT54G series is what I’d rate as the highest performance wireless router for consumers, so web surfing here is at a bliss pace.

If you’re like me, love good food and free & fast wifi, then you’ll need to check this place out:

Atlanta Bakery Co.
7770 Transit Road
Williamsville, New York 14221
Phone: 716-565-0075
Mon-Sat 6:30am-10pm
Sun 6:30am-8pm
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3 thoughts on “The coolest “Free WiFi” place to hang out yet!

  1. This is an awesome place to hang out. I had a chicken, mushroom pizza, and a grande mocha. My total bill came up to about $10 only. 🙂

  2. Being from the real country, I resent it when people thing Buffalo is not a city. I’m not saying I want tp spend my life here, but it’s nothing like the country..Kevin I’d take you to where I grew up, but you might go into shock…mom and dad can’t even get cable access there’s so far away from everything.

    But I will check out “the best place to hang out” Especially since it sounds afforable 🙂

  3. I know it’s nothing like the countryside… I said this was a suburban sprawl… i.e. somewhere in between the city and the country. Take a chill pill. 😀

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