Japanese girls going nuts over “Nintendogs” !


Nintendogs is the latest gaming craze to hit Japan. There’s not much information that’s in English but from what I see, it’s a new take on virtual pets, one with an ultra-realistic tactile edge.

You start by purchasing a Nintendo DS cartridge that features your favorite breed of puppy. The puppy or puppies intereact with the environment, with each other and with you via touchscreen technology. The dogs apparently also respond to your voice (via built-in mic) and see to have various other interactions via wireless connection (perhaps even through the Internet).

You have to see to believe the realistic behavior of these dogs as they respond to the ways in which you play with them, for example by petting, showering the dog and feeding it all with the stroking of your stylus. The video on on the bottom of this main page shows how the dogs interact with objects like a balloon, fight over toys and let you take it for a walk on a leash. The video on this other page shows how you can select/create gifts for your dog.

Given the number of ways you can play this game/simulation, I can sense the thrill of discovering the various life-like ways in which the dogs will respond to you. This has definitely gone more places than the tamagochi. I wonder if they’ll make a cat version… I think cats are smarter. ­čśŤ


13 thoughts on “Japanese girls going nuts over “Nintendogs” !

  1. Cats are WAY smarter. My mom’s dog was barking at a cat figurine on a wall because she thought it was real. She was even smart enough to walk to the other side of the wall (into the hallway) to see if she could see the other side of the fake cat…but she wouldn’t stop barking at it. It’s been there longer than she has (she’s 3 or 4) but she just saw it now. Whereas, my cats only react to things they really see out the window. Like birds.

  2. I think that dogs are a pain, but you can do more with them, cats are easy but all they do is eat sleep hunt. Im tied between both of them. I think i like cats more bacause dogs just take to much of your time.

  3. Nintendogs is a great game^,^It`s like if u can`t have a dog at your house this is where u can have a dog.i haven`t seen any body that dosen`t like it.who ever dosen`t like nintendogs is stupid,gay,dum,retartied,or any thing that no one likes.*~* i think it`s cool that u get to see other people`s dogs for exsaple me and my friends and cosin play with each other and our dogs all the time.^,^

  4. who cares if dog arint smart…………….the truth is dogs r smarter than cats! Dogs can do cool stuff like get a soda for u.Have u ever seen a cat do that!?*~* my favriot animal is a cat and i think cats r dum. my cat was stareing at the wall for a long time then finaly he stop and started runing away from the vakum i mean it wasn`t even on my mom can back from work and she was putting it away.

  5. Nintendogs is the first computer game i have ever seriously tried to play. It is addictive but seriously slow and lacking in challenge. I feel that I am wasting my life whenever I play it.

  6. Sasha: Does this mean that a challenging game makes you feel like your time is well spent? I think I see what you mean… you feel more achievement in a way.

  7. I usually read books but I would imagine that if I felt that I was learning something then I might feel less guilty! Btw does anyone know a way to skip the boring commentators before the contests in Nintendogs. Those irritating and predictable jokey comments are really wearing thin.

  8. I haven’t aculy got a nintenbo ds but my m8 has one and i just love it but i prefair dogs than cats because i am elergic 2 cats

  9. dods are a pain i had one dog that died and two that made 8 puppies so i had 11 but we sold 7 and you know what Shae there where more dogs i had. i had a cat,more than 20 dogs,more than 30 fish,one hamter okay Shae.

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