Secret recording of “Saving Private PC”

Fixing stuff rocks!

I work with computers quite a bit, so friends often ask me to fix their PCs for them (Macs tend to have less problems). Last night I received a call from a stressed out friend trying to get help on her dying Windows laptop. I decided to have fun by putting the whole conversation on speakerphone and having everyone in the apartment give moral support. In the end, we didn’t fix her PC, but that wasn’t the point was it?

Pseudopoetess as the deranged out PC user
Our friend Hong En, Penny and me as the pseudo computer technicians
Dying PeeCee Laptop as Dying PeeCee Laptop

Listen to the mp3 (15mins / 3.6mb).

4 thoughts on “Secret recording of “Saving Private PC”

  1. wow i am impressed. You are my hero kev. >_>

    anyway, all the best wif your comp my friend. >_)))*>

  2. this makes me want to record and do a mix tape of me skype-ing with my parents trying to fix their near daily computer woes….

    me: “Right click the icon once with the mouse”
    my mum: “Which is the right click button?”
    me: “The button on the right?”
    my mum: “What do you mean the button on the right? The whole mouse is on my right!”

    and so on and so forth…

  3. Wandie: I totally understand… poor parents get caught up in the complex world of computing. Computers are meant to make our lives easier, not more complicated! ­čÖé

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