I wonder how angry Steve is gonna be…


According to MacFixit, Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) arriving in users’ hands. Several MacFixIt readers are reporting that they are receiving their pre-ordered copies of Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger), a full eight days ahead of schedule.

One reader writes: “Apparently someone at PCMall decided it was OK to unleash the Tiger early – I received my copy of Mac OS X 10.4 today at my office. Apple’s website still says eight days and counting!”

Another reader, Patrick Casey writes: “Guess what? Tiger just arrived from ClubMac via FedEx Standard Overnight! I wasn’t expecting it until next Friday, at the earliest. I had pre-ordered, but still! Now to do a back-up and an install. I’ll let you know how it works.”

Let’s hope Apple takes this well… an early surprise for those who pre-order.

*** UPDATE ***
I can’t verify this, but apparently PC Mall is recalling the early shipment. They’re gonna have a hard time with this one!

[via macfixit] I’m the one quoted in the first line of the article. I just got a call from PCMall who said there was an error in shipping, and that I would have to return the copy I received and have a new copy shipped next week. I told the rep that I could just not install the software and keep it in the box until next week (technically a lie since I’ve already installed it).

The rep said that Apple will not offer customer support for the “version” that arrived early. I’m curious how Apple would be able to identify my installed “version” from a version I would receive next week. I mean, these things have gone golden and been boxed already. I doubt Apple will release a new build and re-box them in time for next week’s delivery.

When I told the rep “No,” he reiterated that Apple won’t support my version and that I would have to get a version that shipped next week for it to be supported. He then threw in the offer of a free copy of iLife or iWorks for my inconvenience!

I’ll post the build number wehn I get home and fire up my machine. So far, it runs great on my Sawtooth AGP with Mercury Extreme 900mHz upgrade and Radeon 9000 AGP video card. The desktop widgets are novel, if not entirely useful, and Searchlight was going to take a couple of hours to index my machine before I could use it, so I haven’t had time to play with it yet.