Two pieces of bad news…


Singapore government nods to two casinos
UPDATE: Read actual parliament account and transcript
This is despite majority of the population voicing concerns that Singapore shouldn’t have one. Well guess what, our government has listened and given us “two” instead. One will be built at Marina Bayfront and the other on Sentosa island. The government claims that casinos will help to increase tourism. Now that the decision has been made (there was no choice anyway), PM Lee urged Singaporeans to move on to help make the integrated resorts a success. Yes, we’d better obey; no protests are allowed. ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US.

Adobe buys Macromedia for $3.4 billion
When Adobe bought Pagemaker in the old days, they did a crap job with it, then killed it off and replaced it with their own Adobe Indesign, which was very sad. Now that they’ve bought their major competitor Macromedia, I’ve a feeling we’ll have to start learning silly Adobe GoLive and forget about Dreamweaver. The geek in me cries foul…

4 thoughts on “Two pieces of bad news…

  1. i don think having some organisations and religious groups who voice out as being the “majority” of the population…unless ur majority meant those who voiced their opinions…then that’s a different story. 😉

    not so bad news after all, 2 casinos are better than one… twice the revenue, twice the headcounts for jobs…and mabbe twice the business for councillors too. 😛

  2. Yeah, the parliament hearing did mention the establishment of the National Council for Gambling to manage gambling addicts and so on. That’s efficiency for you! 😛

  3. I don’t think building these resorts with casinos is going to be a bad thing, really. I read the parliamentary speech and PM Lee The Sequel’s points were reasonable — perhaps a little condescending, but valid nonetheless. My only issue with it is that the decision was taken a long time ago, and the year-long ‘debate’ and ‘consultation’ was just to figure out how best to deliver it.

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