Pepsi One… a different poison


It’s nice outside so I walked around campus a bit and got myself the new Pepsi One drink to try. Geeks are suppose to drink Jolt cola (highest caffine cola), so maybe this one might be the new healthier alternative to cola drinkers. With just 1 calorie, I braced myself for a bad mash of favors in my mouth. One careful gulp later, I can safely say that it tastes close to the original Pepsi, but you still have that little chemical aftertaste that you get from the diet version. Thus, it’s an in-betweener. Anyhow, instead of Aspartame (branded as Nutrasweet, which is supposedly a toxin), the new Pepsi One uses Splenda, which tastes closer to actual sugar. Either way, I’m not buying this ever again…

3 thoughts on “Pepsi One… a different poison

  1. That iTunes promo with Pepsi is still going strong, just doesn’t come with this Pepsi One. I try not to drink so much soda, but have gotten a few free songs from the little that I drink and some from my friends who don’t really buy music.

  2. Mountain Dew is my beverage of choice, though I try to alternate between that and plain water throughout the day.
    Jolt always tasted too bitter for my liking. My caffeine tolerance is so high anyway, soda (pop for western new yorkers) and no-doz can’t keep me awake. I like it for the sugar.

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