Silly Rabbit, Hacks for Kids!


Consumers today are modifying and customizing everything they own in order to personalize mass produced goods, and/or to go beyond the limitations of the intended design. I’m sure there’re plenty of sites that talk about this McGuyver lifestyle, but some that immediately stand out to me include blogs like hackaday and a beautiful mook (a cross of magazine & book) called MAKE.

Since I made a little comic strip that day, I’ve been finding all kinds of interesting comic-related sites out there where the comic strip is the medium of an incredible variety of content, including how-to guides. Via MAKE zine today, I discovered yet another comic strip site, but on how-to guides for kids! Yes, kids should hack too!

Want to build your own soda bottle rocket out of things around your house? How about the ability to “bend light”, or even more fun, learn to count like a computer, in binary numbers! These comic strips are incredible fun and would be great projects to try with your kids. You can download the each project as a printable PDF and if you are ever stumped, there are even videos of someone making them!

Check all these out at today!