Open Source DJing = Prototype iPod DJ Mixer

Some people call it dumb and expensive, but I’ve been yearning for something like this in a long while. Having lugged my vinyl and decks before, this would be so intuitive and righteous for an open approach to DJing. My premise is that since most people have iPods already, having a device like this opens the door for more musical participation by the masses. But can’t we mix from laptops already? Yes, but imagine this as a more extreme version of an iPod Party, where at one specified location, everyone can plug in and have more variations in their mixes than ever before.

See the actual prototype and read Peter Kirn’s analysis of the Numark iPod DJ mixer

One thought on “Open Source DJing = Prototype iPod DJ Mixer

  1. It would be nice if there were some kind of illuminated screen. It might be helpful to have the iPod photo for something like this, otherwise it would become difficult to browse the music at a dim party or club.

    Another big disadvantage is that unlike a laptop, you can’t search the music quickly. You have to browse for each track or have premade playlists.

    It does look pretty fun though, and I like the idea that anyone could show up with their iPod and become the DJ.

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