Libraries face theft of Moore’s Law


First, Intel’s eBay Want Ad publicized that they would pay $10,000 for mint condition copy of a 1965 journal issue of Electronics Magazine. Essentially because it contained the “Moore’s Law” article by Gordon Moore, Intel co-founder.

Today, as seen on the inter-library listerv, there was chattering of how Intel’s $10k bounty sparked thievery of such journals from academic libraries. It’s pretty sad stuff… Here are the actual accounts with the names withheld to protect the innocent:

Date: Thu, 14 Apr 2005
From: xxx @SYR.EDU
Subject: URGENT: There is a $10K “Bounty” for a 1965 journal issue

Indeed! The wanted ad poster has zero feedback and has just recently
become an ebay member. Anyone can post a wanted ad; they are free.
This is the second happening in about as many months….

Meanwhile, a librarian on the engineering list is reporting that her
library is already missing one of their two copies and a staff member
reported they they heard someone talking about which issue on their cell

Science & Technology Library
Syracuse University

It was a good thing we pulled our copy. Many of the Sci-Tech discussion
lists are now getting an incredible flurry of chatter on this. Last
evening eBay was listing a top price of $6K for a good copy.

University at Buffalo (SUNY)

Please do not pull copies of materials in the Arts & Sciences Libraries
based on internet/ebay/auction requests you may see. We have no way to
support/track this sort of activity. If you have concerns/questions about
this, please email me off list.

University at Buffalo (SUNY)

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