Running with “Comic Life”


Here’s my first stab at Comic Life as posted on our Singaporeans in UB community site. Comic Life was released today for the Mac as a “fun to use” comic book publishing program. Integrating with Apple’s iPhoto, Comic Life adds new life to all your photos. Kinda reminds me of NeoPrint machines back in the day… Anyhow, Comic life makes it easy for you create strips for friends and family, or even for work. I’d love to make a how-to guide on blogging in a comic strip style next!

10 thoughts on “Running with “Comic Life”

  1. Thanks girls!
    Seriously thank you!

    Most of my friends saw this today, but few were nice enough to give a pat on the back. Thanks to the Internet, people are really getting harder to please! 😛

  2. *PAT* *PAT* *PAT* *PAT* *PAT* *PAT* *PAT* *PAT* *PAT* *PAT* *PAT* *PAT* *PAT* *PAT* *PAT* *PAT* *PAT* *PAT* *PAT* *PAT* *PAT* *PAT* *PAT* *PAT* *PAT* *PAT* *PAT* *PAT* *PAT* *PAT* *PAT* *PAT* *PAT* *PAT* *PAT* *PAT*
    Enuff? 🙂

  3. Now that’s odd… friends not in the comic strip send me kudos, but friends in the comic strip couldn’t care less. Maybe I should re-analyze my social network… !!

  4. hey, i love the comic strip! and I do care! I posted my comment on Singapore.isthereason! I’m eagerly awaiting your next one!

  5. Guess I will… planning on the next issue for next week. No direction or storyline, so the story will develop as we go. 🙂

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