Delocator & Google Maps


I was trying out today (the site that lets you find cafes around you other than StarBucks) and was very surprised that a local cafe had free WiFi! Ever since the neighborhood Bubble Tea Cafe closed down (they had wifi), I haven’t found a place to socialize with fellow geeks. Anyhow I wanted to find out where this Cafe Aroma was, especially how far I had to drive, so I hopped on Google Maps and entered the address… and behold, in all it’s glory on my Safari browser was a draggable, zoomable map where the cafe was (I still get a kick from the mapping speed). That’s not all, I click on the new Satellite feature and (holy cow!) there was a satellite photo of the roads and buildings, right down to the cars on the road! If you noticed, the map and the satellite photo match very well. I’ve sent an email suggestion to the Delocator personnel that they should integrate Google Maps into their service.

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